Firearm Safety / Coyotes
Date Posted
October 4, 2019 11:57 AM
All Neighbors
Good afternoon Walnut Hills! Please read the below statement from Captain Gerry Hepp with Fishers Police, in regards to firearms and coyotes. "Currently it is legal to discharge a firearm in the City of Fishers. The primary consideration is safety. Firing the weapon my be legal, but the safety of people and property is the challenge. If a person shoots a weapon and it is determined to be unsafe, they could face criminal charges. Coyotes are considered a nuisance animal and DNR frequently gives permission to people that inquire. My recommendation for homeowners is they have a right to protect themselves, their family and property... including pets. If they need to shoot a coyote for their safety, it is permitted if they do it safely. The must be very conscious of what is behind the coyote and how far a bullet can travel. If there is not an immediate threat, they should call our dispatch center and have an officer respond. (317-773-1282). If they have questions, they can contact our Animal Control Officer Randy Kelly or 317-595-3300. Respectfully, Captain Gerry Hepp"